la plaine st andre

Jean-Francois Jorre de St. Jorre built La Plaine St. André in 1792, naming it after his birthplace in Reunion. The Estate was once home to copra kilns along with cinnamon and patchouli distilleries. Now it is where the d’Offay family make Takamaka rum, their garden flourishing once again with the many medicinal plants, herbs and fruit trees it was known for.

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the taste of seychelles

Located in our meticulously restored Plantation house we invite you with open arms to visit us at La Plaine St. André to enjoy the real Seychellois dining experience.

These islands are bursting with the finest and freshest ingredients and our local chefs have picked the best there is from our gardens and local suppliers to take you on a journey of both traditional and contemporary regional food.

At lunchtime we appreciate that you might not want a full three course meal, so while our a la carte selection is no less delicious and full of fresh ingredients, we do make sure that even one dish is enough.

Whatever you choose, we promise you food cooked with passion for those with a hunger for flavour and quality.