The Takamaka Story

Seychellois brothers, Richard and Bernard d’Offay, developed a passion to make rum that would embody the joy and tranquil spirit of the Seychelles. In 2002, the two brothers distilled the spirit and bottled it, to be enjoyed by those making spirited moments of their own, on the islands and beyond.

Unbound by tradition, but enriched by history, the d’Offay brothers set out to create a rum that felt right and tasted great. Blending the past with the future, they embraced the freedom of the Seychelles by creating an authentic Seychelles Rum.

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a rum from the otherside

Our island is a place unconquered and free. A paradise where nature rules and leads us to produce a truly luxurious rum, unencumbered and unsullied. Being on the other side of the world allows us to do things differently, uninterrupted.

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An earthly paradise

The islands’ remote location brings an ambiance of complete calmness and tranquility. With endless stretches of fine white sand, deep blue waters and a refreshing breeze, that sweeps your mind away.

Our island may be small, but we can roam free and discover the hidden depths of our paradise. We can create rums in the Seychellean way. We can focus on who we are, and where we’re going. We don’t have to follow anything other than where our island, and its inspirations, takes us next.

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the toast of the seychellois

There is the famed honeymoon postcard side to the Seychelles. But we are more than that. Our islands are diverse and calming and are at the heart of everything that Takamaka represents. In turn, Takamaka is part of our island’s identity, and all the memories which are made here.