the craft:

Over the last 20 years, Takamaka rums have been blended, spiced, and aged in ways completely unique to the Seychelles. Our craft has evolved over time as we have learned, discovered and grown. Today, this is what it looks like…

Our Pure Cane Rum:

Our rum is made from naturally grown sugar cane from a cooperative of three dozen local farmers. Once harvested we crush, ferment , distil and age our cane rum, all at La Plaine St. Andre.

Our Molasses Rum:

With no sugar industry in the Seychelles, our molasses comes from the famous cane fields of East Africa. We then ferment, distil, and age it at our home.

Blending Rum:

From the start we have always been about trying to create the best possible flavour. We haver therefore sought out fantastic Caribbean rums that we can blend with our own. Currently, we are using a fantastic Barbadian 8-year-old rum made by Richard Seale at Foursquare.

Our blending has been led by discovery and curiosity around “what if”. We seek character and flavour for our rums, whether it comes from local sugar cane, molasses, or Caribbean aged rums. We always continue to discover and blend.

Water and Ageing:

Our rums are aged and matured in French and American oak barrels. We then blend with other aged rums, local spices, fruit extracts and our amazing spring water, to create luxurious rums.

Due to its unique location and rare environment, the Seychelles provides a distinctive terroir. Our water, sourced from the Mahé mountains, is rich in minerality and adds an authentic character to our rums.